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WOODRx is the most significant breakthrough in wood protection in years!Original WOODRx PREPARATION & APPLICATION PROCEDURES

For use on virtually all exterior wood surfaces such as decks, docks, siding, fences and shake roofs. May also be used on properly prepared pressure treated surfaces and previously stained surfaces. Do not apply over painted wood surfaces. 

Dirt, grease, grime and any other foreign msterial must be removed before applying WOODRx. Surface must be clean and free of all contaminants. 

  1. Repair or replace all rotten, splitting, cracking, loose or missing wood. Replace all broken or corroded fasteners.
  2. Smooth, new wood should be sanded with 50-80 Grit sandpaper to remove mill glaze and ensure proper penetration and adhesion. Note: Mill glaze must be removed from certain woods such as cedar, redwood, exotic hard woods, etc.. Contact an Inseco representative should you have any questions.
  3. Mildew & Algae Treatment: Apply a solution of bleach and water to all surfaces being coated. Strength of solution will depend on severity of contamination. Use of a stiff scrub brush for stubborn areas maybe neccessary. 
  4. After mildew and algae treatment, thoroughly scrub surfaces with WOOD.Rx Surface Prep. If surface is heavily weathered with checking and cracks, apply liberal quantities of surface prep solution. Apply with scrub brush.
  5. Pressure wash surfaces to remove all cleaning solutions and contaminents. A2000-2500 PSI pressure washer is normally required for pressure treated wood. Softer woods, such as cedar shingles, will require the use of lower pressure. Note: Extreme care must be taken not to damage wood during pressure cleaning process.

    Stir WOODRx thoroughly before use. Apply liberally with brush, roller, or spray equipment. Do not apply in direct, hot sunlight or when surface temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    1.Avoid runs on vertical surfaces and puddles on horizontal surfaces.

    2. Always work with a wet edge and with the grain of the wood. Do not stop in the middle of a board, stop at a logical break point to avoid the possibility of creating lap marks

    3. Bare wood surfaces must be flushed with fresh, clean water prior to applying the first
    coat of WOODRx. Broom puddled water until puddlig$ stops. WOODRx can not be
    applied if water is puddled. Second coat must be applied to dry surfaces.

    4. For wood surfaces heavily weathered with checking and cracking, apply liberal
    quantities of WOODRx Surface Conditioner to the point of over saturation. Apply
    WOODRx only after surface conditioner has thoroughly soaked into surface and dried.
    This process will take a minimum of 24 Hours.

    5. Apply two even coats of WOODRx for maximum performance. Coverage will average
    200-400 Square feet per gallon depending on texture and surface porosity. Recoat is
    typically 2-4 Hours. WOODRx will appear milky when being applied but milkiness will
    disappear when fully dried. WOODRx does not require thinning and should be used as is,
    directly from container.

    6. Should a non-skid surface be desired, mix TEXRx Non Slip Additive with first coat of
    WOODRx. Apply second coat of WOODRx straight from can.

    CLEAN UP: Clean up drips and spills immediately using a drop cloth. Clean tools and
    equipment with soap and water.




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