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SlideMoorsolves many of the docking and mooring problems encountered by boaters. This simple and effective system secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper that rides on an 8' or 10' marine-grade aluminum track bolted to your piling.

The vertical motion caused by waves and tides moves the self-lubricating carriage up and down with your boat. Horizontal motion is practically eliminated because the boat is tied tightly to the SlideMoor™ bumper. This negates the "wind-up" effect and "punch" often associated with waves and loose ropes.

SlideMoor™ takes the guess work out of docking by eliminating ALL lines except the short lines on the SlideMoor™, which are all on one side of your boat. The SlideMoor™ system eliminates bumpers, mooring whips and outer tie pilings. This system also helps prevent lateral movement when loading or unloading. Another added benefit is that larger boats can fit into smaller slips since this motion is all but eliminated.

Please review the SlideMoor™ page on our Website for sizing information, installation tips, and to find out if the SlideMoor™ Mooring System is right for you.

SlideMoor Y-Beam


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SlideMoor™ Plus with 18" Slide

Typically used on boats ranging from 22 to 35 feet.



SM-PLUS-18-Y08   SlideMoor™ Plus, 18" Slide with 8' "Y" Track


SM-PLUS-18-Y10   SlideMoor™ Plus, 18" Slide with 10' "Y" Track

Special Shipping


SlideMoor™ Plus with 24" Slide

Typically used on boats ranging from 36 to 49 feet.



SM-PLUS-24-Y08   SlideMoor™ Plus, 24" Slide with 8' "Y" Track


SM-PLUS-24-Y10   SlideMoor™ Plus, 24" Slide with 10' "Y" Track

Special Shipping


SlideMoor™ Floating Dock Bracket with 18" Slide

Typically used on light to medium-duty floating dock systems.




SlideMoor™ Floating Dock Bracket, 18" Slide/8' "Y" Track


SM-FDB18-Y10 SlideMoor™ Floating Dock Bracket, 18" Slide/10' "Y" Track

Special Shipping


Recommended Hardware for Mounting to Wood Piles


Description PRICE (U.S.)  
LB-1206SS 1/2" x 6" Lag Bolts (Stainless Steel)
See the Chart Below to Determine How Many Lags to use


Track Length  Number of Lags Required
8' 10
10' 12

                                        SlideMoorFeatures & Description
1) Slide - 6061 - T6 Extruded aluminum for strength and high resistance to corrosion. This provides the patented basis for Slidemoor, Inc. It gives a solid base for attachment of cleats and bumper.

2) Bumper - Extruded, flexible, high-molecular polyvinyl chloride will not crack, rot or corrode. Impervious to ultraviolet rays. Manufactured for durability and strength. Designed for increased protection with increased pressure.

3) Bearing - Made of 1/8" extruded Carilon® Completely wraps the track to provide high lubricity for easy movement regardless which direction the force is coming from.

4) Cleats - 2 each. (8") Black nylon, injection molded. Strong and non-corrosive.

5) Track - 6061 - T6 Extruded aluminum. 96" Length allows approximately 72" slide movement. Special track lengths to 24 feet.

6) Slide Stop Top & Bottom - Prevents slide from coming off.

7) All fasteners are type 302 stainless steel.

8) Mounting Hardware is Not Included.


                                                     SlideMoorTrack Length

How to determine track placement
1) Determine the LOWEST your rubrail will be at its lowest point.
2) Start the bottom of the track one foot below that point
3) The top of the track will then allow for the most vertical travel with your chosen track length.
Standard 8’ track allows for 6’ of vertical travel.
4) If 6’ of vertical travel is not enough, determine how much vertical travel you will need and see below.

How to determine custom track length?
1) Determine the LOWEST your rubrail will be at its lowest point.
2) Start the bottom of the track one foot below that point
3) Determine how much vertical travel you will want and add one foot to the top of that travel.
4) The track length will be 2’ more than the total vertical travel of your boat.

REMEMBER that the track must be supported by your piling for its entire length!

Highest Tide

Lowest Tide


The ONLY way SlideMoor works is when it is TIGHT!                       

The best method we have seen to get it tight is shown below.

Please Note: That each SlideMoor has TWO lines to add to the protection of your boat.

First step:
line cleat up as shown and snug boat to SlideMoor bumper.
Tie off cleat very tight as shown and start line around 2nd SlideMoor cleat.
Final step:
Pull boat very tight to second cleat to line up on SlideMoor as shown and secure at cleat.


Conditions For Using SlideMoor

It must be said that SlideMoor only works when the boat is held TIGHT to the SlideMoor and will not work any other way!

This product is used to control boat location in a slip where tide or water level is prone to change.
On smaller boats it can be used to control boats in wavy conditions along with tide changes.

Since SlideMoor only works when the boat is held TIGHT to the SlideMoor, the location of your piling/track with regard to the cleats on your boat will be your most important consideration. By holding the boat tight, all lines will be on ONE side of the boat with no need for any lines other than the line you use on the SlideMoor. You may need to add a cleat to your boat directly in line with the piling/track OR add or move a piling to be directly in line with the cleat on your boat. (see fig 1.1) The time and expense to do this correctly will be rewarded with the many benefits of the SlideMoor system.

This works with bow or stern out.

At times unnecessary pilings can be removed from one side of your mooring as is the case with outer pilings. These pilings can be used to correct the line-up problems stated above. This also gives more room to
maneuver in your docking area when these pilings are out of the way.

If adding a cleat to your boat, be sure it is attached properly. If your are not sure how to attach a cleat,
have it done by a qualified technician.

Additional Conditions For Using SlideMoor

SlideMoor works on most boats in protected waters.

If your application is not in protected water...
see below

SlideMoor can solve many problems when used correctly.
As with any great product, it must be used properly to
experience all of the benefits possible.

If your boat design uses deck cleats that are located on the boat much higher than the rub rail, and your boat is in a location that has waves or other means of rocking your boat, then SlideMoor may NOT be suitable for your application.

The leverage caused by the spacing between the cleats and the rub rail may pop the cleats off or break the rope.
(see fig 1.2)

Some larger boats with very vertical sides as found towards the stern may also make contact with the track if used in wavy conditions. (see fig 1.3). If in calm areas, as in protected canals or marinas, this is usually not a problem.

Another thought concerning boat design may have to do also with size. The boat width at the rub rail must be at least as wide as the hull directly below the attaching cleat. Therefore, many older style hulls with designs that bulge out at the water line or have a spray rail just below the cleat should not use
(see fig 1.4)


SlideMoor Frequently Asked Questions

When you untie and leave the dock what happens to the SlideMoor?
We provide a “parking cleat” to position on your piling as needed. Just hang the SlideMoor on the cleat for a quick tie up when you return to the dock.

What about maintenance?
We recommend that every time you leave the dock return to the dock let the SlideMoor drop to the bottom stop bolt to make sure the track has no growth on it. The weight of the SlideMoor guillotines the barnacles or other growth from the track. The bearing surface is designed to scrape the track as movement from the boat moves it up and down. Rain handles most of the rest. Just hose it down when you wash the boat. Always check to see if the track bolts and the cleat bolts are tight. NEVER lube the track. It just makes a mess and holds dirt that could cause wear.

How often do you have to change bearings?
If you ever have to change the bearing you would be the first! We made so much bearing surface that you should never need to replace it.

Can you use SlideMoor to tie a floating dock to a bulkhead or fixed dock?
Yes you can. They are all different but most will work. Email or call with your details.

If you have a floating dock can you still use SlideMoor?
It has been done for good reasons but a bracket must be made to use the shortened track. We would review your dock to make this bracket. SlideMoor will eliminate all water line rubbing caused be bumpers and stop all movement to make boarding much more safe.

Do you need any other lines other than the two on the SlideMoors?
No. Since the boat will not move after tied to the SlideMoor, any other lines would just hang in the same arch as when you tied them. They are not necessary.

If I can use only one SlideMoor do I have to use other lines?
On smaller boats were only one piling is available for a SlideMoor you must stop the pivoting around the SlideMoor piling by using two bow lines or two stern lines or one of each. The SlideMoor locates the boat tight to the dock and stops in and out and fore and aft movement and the lines eliminate the pivoting. (see diagram in “Protected Marina” link) About one third of our the SlideMoor installs are used in this fashion.

Will SlideMoor protect me in storms or hurricanes?
Yes. When used as instructed SlideMoor can help protect your boat just as it would all of the time. In the “Conditions” page the same rules apply. The main thing to remember is that big storms and hurricanes have surges of water that may push your boat over the range of your track. We can make longer tracks but if the surge tops over the track the SlideMoor can‘t do its job and damage is likely. We can make tracks any length to match your pilings.

Can the track be attached to any type piling?
They are used on round wood, round concrete filled PVC, round steel, square concrete, steel I- beam, concrete and steel seawalls. If you are not sure, ask us or email photos of your application. Feel free to email any questions or suggestions you have.

Is the mounting hardware included?
The mounting hardware is not included. If you have wood pilings, we recommend you use 1/2" x 6" stainless steel lag bolts. 10 lag bolts are needed for an 8' track and 12 lag bolts are needed for a 10' track.




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