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Deep Glow

Deep Glow

Deep Glow Underwater Lights

Deep Glow Underwater Lights dramatically improve the enjoyment of all waterfront properties. These high quality, patented underwater lights illuminate the waterways at night and are excellent at attracting fish as underwater green fishing lights or as dock lighting for beauty. Deep Glow underwater lighting creates a family-friendly setting to enrich the night view with a glowing light that goes beyond the water’s edge creating a virtual aquarium that everyone can appreciate.

Simple to install, they can be thrown, dropped or placed in the water and will automatically right themselves on the bottom facing the water’s surface. When the sun goes down Deep Glow lights illuminate fish and marine life, as well as provide above water illumination for docks, bridges, and piers. This unique positioning can be useful for a smooth entry while returning from boating or fishing at night, while also providing an extra level of security after hours.

The lights can be operated automatically with the purchase of an optional timer/photocell, making them conveniently easy to use and enjoy. Additionally, Deep Glow lights are environmentally friendly using less power and providing more illumination than traditional above water dock lights.

Patented Deep Glow lights were specially designed for both residential and commercial use and they perform under various settings. From harsh saltwater locations and rough water environments to calm lakes and decorative ponds, Deep Glow lights are virtually maintenance free producing heat to combat marine growth and are easy to pull out of the water and clean, if necessary. The replaceable bulbs come in four colors and can be purchased from us directly. And finally, all Deep Glow lights come with a one year warranty.

Always use caution when using electrical appliances near water and ensure that lights are plugged into GFCI protected outlets.


Blue Deep Glow High Intensity Underwater Dock Light, 120V AC. Available with 30', 40', 50', or 60' Cord.

This light is intended for use in clear waters.


FL-DG-HI-G Green Deep Glow High Intensity Underwater Dock Light, 120V AC. Available with 30', 40', 50', or 60' Cord


GE Light Sensing Timer GE Light Sensing Timer
Model 15112

Recommended for all our light products!

Turns on at dusk and off at dawn or at the time you choose. Dusk to Dawn option (Daily Cycle), or select to turn off 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours after dark.

Grounded for use with 3-wire plugs and outlets.

Controls 2 lights or other devices.

Weather resistant design.

Ratings — 1250VAC 60 Hz:

  • 15A Resistive
  • 15A General Purpose
  • 1000W Tungsten
  • 1/2 HP





Timer15112  GE Light Sensing Timer Model 15112









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