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Filter Fabric



FF-06 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric 6.25' wide (By The Linear Foot)


FF-09 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric 8.75' wide (By The Linear Foot) $3.39

FF-12 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric 12.5' wide (By The Linear Foot) $4.67

FF-06360 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric (6.25' wide x 360' long roll)
*** Special Shipping ***

FF-09258 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric (8.75' wide x 258' long roll)
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FF-12360 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric (12.5' wide x 360' long roll)
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FF-18258 Terra Tex HD Filter Fabric (17.5' wide x 258' long roll)
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Please note that freight truck shipments require that someone be present to sign for the delivery and to help unload the truck.

Filter fabric is non-returnable and non-refundable.


The Heavy Duty Stabilization Fabric

The applications for construction fabric have enjoyed widespread acceptance and significant growth in usage. This success can be attributed to the excellent use of geotextiles. However, many of the construction fabrics used today were designed for the moderate soil conditions found in most construction projects. TerraTex HD, on the other hand, is a high strength, robust fabric that is engineered for stabilization applications in more severe soil conditions. TerraTex HD goes a step beyond most fabrics by offering the engineer and contractor: 

  • Greater strength to stabilize very poor soils or to withstand extremely demanding installation conditions (i.e., placement of armor stone or rail bed rehabilitation).

  • A greater degree of safety in design for marginal soil conditions.

  • Economical pricing in comparison to other high strength construction fabrics.

  • Light roll weight for ease of handling in the field.

  • Prolonged resistance to ultraviolet degradation.

TerraTex HD can be used in most stabilization applications, however, it was designed for and is most effectively applied in the stabilization of very poor strength soils, railroad track beds, and embankment protection under armor stone.


Embankment Protection

Stabilization of Railroad Track beds

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TerraTex Fabric In Rail beds

The movement of water in a stream, lake, river or channel can cause severe embankment deterioration. An established practice to deter this erosion has been to protect embankments with armor stone placed directly on the embankment or on a graded filter system. But, these methods are subject to scouring by water movement which can cause complete collapse of the protective armor system.

TerraTex HD is used as a filter beneath armor stone to protect the embankment against erosion. Unlike graded filter systems, TerraTex HD will not scour out. Its high strength and porosity make it suitable for use on all but the most porous soils while being a most economical filter system. TerraTex HD is recommended for use beneath rip-rap, gabion baskets, interlocking concrete blocks and behind sea walls.

A major concern and cost for railroad companies and spur line owners is the replacement of fouled ballast. As trains pass over the rails, the up and down motion of the ties pump subgrade fines into the ballast. This contaminated ballast cannot support design loads. TerraTex HD acts as a separator between the ballast or sub-ballast and subgrade fines while reducing the pressure on the subgrade. As the ties move, water can be pumped up through the fabric and out through the ballast, but soil particles are kept in place. Also, TerraTex HD helps confine the ballast against lateral movement which, thereby, maintains its density and load bearing characteristics.

TerraTex HD can be installed in new construction or during track bed rehabilitation. The roll thickness and weight allows for fabric placement by hand or with most automated rail maintenance equipment. The rail sections can be put directly on the fabric and the ballast placed afterwards using conventional methods. 


Stabilization of Very Poor Strength Soils


TerraTex HD performs the functions of separation and reinforcement as do other ground stabilization fabrics. However, the high tensile strength and high initial modulus of TerraTex HD allows it to be used in stabilizing much weaker strength soils or in areas where extremely heavy traffic loads are expected. It also provides that extra margin of safety for critical projects being constructed on marginal strength soils. Savings in aggregate when stabilizing with TerraTex HD is normally more than enough to pay for the fabric. In addition, future maintenance cost due to subgrade contamination of the aggregate are virtually eliminated.

Fabric Installation is Straightforward.

  1. Prepare subgrade by removing any stumps, rocks, deep ruts, or other objects which could rupture the fabric.

  2. Unroll fabric on subgrade. Adjacent panels should be overlapped a sufficient amount to ensure there will be no separation during construction. One to three feet is normally enough overlap for marginal strength soils while more overlap may be required for very poor strength soils.

  3. Back dump aggregate with dozer and perform initial compaction with dozer tracks.

  4. Complete compaction in conventional manner.

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