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Dow Floating Billets

STYROFOAM Brand Buoyancy Billets Insulation are the smart choice for floating structures. The closed cell structure of STYROFOAM is comprised of millions of tiny closed air bubbles. That means they have an extremely strong buoyancy force. Plus, since they cannot become punctured or water-logged and do not corrode or break down into small particles, they can last a very long time. They are lightweight and easy to install, so building a dock, raft or boathouse is a snap.

  Dow Styrofoam Billets

Extremely Buoyant
STYROFOAM* brand buoyancy billets are one of the best materials to use for floating structures such as these. This extremely buoyant, yet durable material is composed of millions of tiny non-interconnecting air cells, each serving as an independent buoyancy chamber. It takes only one cubic foot of STYROFOAM brand buoyancy billets to float 55 pounds.

STYROFOAM* brand buoyancy billets won't lose their buoyancy, even if punctured. The light weight of STYROFOAM brand buoyancy billets reduces the racking of the wooden framework of a floating structure, and helps minimize damage from storms. Rocking, usually experienced in drum-floated structures, is greatly reduced by using STYROFOAM brand buoyancy billets - and there are no hollow drumming noises to listen to at night.

STYROFOAM* brand buoyancy billets stay on the job year after year under normal conditions. They do not waterlog or corrode. They resist the attack of destructive marine growths and are unaffected by salt or fresh water. Because of their light weight, these billets are easier to handle and install, too, keeping installation costs low!

Wooden portions of your floating structure can be subject to decay and insect attack. For the protection of such portions, use only treated wood or wood naturally resistant to decay and insect attack. Treated wood should be clean, dry, and free from oil residue.


Standard Stock Sizes
Billet Size Approximate Weight (lbs.) Approximate Buoyancy (lbs.) Price (U.S.)    
10" x 20" x  8' 20 610 $169.50 each
Minimum order 6

Please Note: The minimum order for Dow Styrofoam Billets is 6 Pieces.

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Material Safety Data Sheet for Dow Billets (7 pages, 57K)

Dow Dock Plans (Complete 4 pages, 2.2 MB)

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